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Water hand feeling agent

Water hand feeling agent
XR-300 series
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Water feeling agent ( XR-301)

[ summary ]

With the development of society, the coating is represent the general trend of diversification of style. Our company based on market demand to develop water feeling agent ( XR-301), XR-301feel agent which is a nonionic, multiple amino silicone special emulsion micro emulsion, good film forming property, strong adhesion, resistance to dry, wet rub. Can provide warm soft silk feel.

Typical [ ]

Appearance: colorless or pale blue transparent viscous liquid

Solid content ( % )30

The value of pH:6-7

Aldehyde content ( % )0

Water soluble at any ratio miscibility

Stability (25 degrees C ) for 12 months

[ character ]

Cotton wax hand

Light and temperature stability

- to prevent surface adhesion

- increase the wet and dry capacity

[ ] proposed use

It is widely used in a variety of leather top coating or added to water-borne light oil mixed use. - in the leather with respect to the use of more features, the use of the product of the simulation skin can achieve equivalent dermis of feel effect

In pigs, cattle, sheep leather under modified for use in the hand, more prominent

Transportation [ ]

Water feeling agent non hazardous chemicals, according to the transport of chemicals in general. The best stored at room temperature, avoid sun exposure or frozen.

Packaging [ ]

30 kg plastic drum

[ note ]

Add in water-borne light oil or aqueous resin, the proposed first test before use

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