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Paint overheated type reinforcing agent

Paint overheated type reinforcing agent
XR-200 series
   产 品 说 明

Aqueous coating overheat enhancer (XR-200)

[ summary ]

With the development of water-based paint, paint the colour fastness to request more and more high. My company according to customer demand, especially the development of effluent of overheating coating reinforcing agent ( XR-200). XR-200is a terminal aziridine blocked isocyanate crosslinker, compared with the common blocked isocyanate crosslinking agent, cross-linking reaction does not produce by-products, reaction mechanism relies mainly on aziridine ring-opening reaction, rather than to produce NCO group to response; XR-200 is an excellent moisture dispersion, can be used as the adhesive strength enhancing agent, crosslinking agent, reinforcing agent, added to the adhesive, resin, polymer, dispersion or solution, drying, heat treatment can effectively play its outstanding performance.

Typical [ ]

External view: white dispersion liquid PH 9~ 10

CAS:7417-99-4molecular formula: C19H20N402

Molecular weight:336.3877 EINE CS:231-034-6

Sticky degree (25 degrees C ) mPa s:300degrees: 1.05~ 1.1.

Reaction temperature:130diluted easily diluted in water

[ ] molecular structure

Products application [ ]

Effects of adding in acrylic, polyurethane dispersions, styrene butadiene latex containing carboxyl, hydroxyl, amino water-soluble system inside, after heat treatment can improve the resistance to dry and wet rubbing fastness of coating and bonding strength.

In printing and after heat treatment can improve the printing coating fastness to washing and anti-surface.

Effects of adding in cotton woven fabric can long time enhance water and oil repellent effect

[ usage ]

Before using the XR-2001, please be sure to paste or adhesive pH value to more than 7(8-10 is the best ) not in acidic condition!

In 2, general dosage of1-2%, the special requirements of fastness can be more appropriate to add.

In 3, after the product above 130 degrees heat treatment can achieve the desired effect. ( the higher the temperature processing time is short.)

In 4, the product is stored for a long time there will be a slight settlement, suggested after the Kaifeng strain

[ ] safety and toxicity

This product belongs to common chemicals, avoid contact with an acid, avoid high temperature

The leakage or splashed onto the body rinse with water.

Storage packaging [ ]

5kilograms of plastic barrels, plastic barrels of 10kg or25 kg drums

Product should be avoid light, dry, ventilated room temperature environment preservation

[ note ]

For technician to operate different, so the company only to the items and products for customers to do experiment, suggestions before mass production.

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