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Carbonization of two imine crosslinking agent

Carbonization of two imine crosslinking agent
XR-200 series
   产 品 说 明

Poly carbonate two imine XR-201

Is only suitable for the water, add the quantity is 5-10%. System PH as the alkaline can be stably stored.

[ description ]

Poly carbonate two carbodiimide crosslinking agent in aqueous solution

[ Characteristics ]

Excluding VOC, and carboxyl reactive cross-linking

[ ] the physical properties

Appearance yellow transparent liquid

Solid content ( % )40

Viscosity ( Brookfield@25C)70-300

Density @ room temperature ( g / cm3)1.04

[ ] application characteristics

- suitable for aqueous systems.

-5-10% addition to the carboxyl group-containing polymer can improve:

L water resistance and chemical resistance.

L wear resistance

L stain resistance

L improve for special substrates

- can be used at room temperature crosslinking

Suggestions on Application of [ ]

- crosslinking agent does not need filling nitrogen protection

- XR-201 should be in the former construction directly added to the formula

This kind of crosslinking agent in some applications the applicable period can be up to2-3month, but mainly by the main body of the effects of resin

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