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Aziridine Crosslinker

Aziridine Crosslinker
XR-100 series
   产 品 说 明
Aziridine Crosslinker (XR-100)
Aziridine crosslinker (XR-100) can react with the carboxyl group at room temperature, so the polyfunctional aziridine cross-linker is a good crosslinker for carboxyl group-containing system. It is miscible with water and many organic solvents and can react with them under dry state. Dosage of the aziridine crosslinker is usually 1% -3% of the solid content of the acrylic acid or polyurethane. Both room temperature curing and heat baking curing can be applicable. The water resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to dry and wet rubbing, surface anti-adhesion, fastness and adhesion on special substrate of the coating can be significantly improved after it is crosslinked with the aziridine crosslinker.
[Typical Characteristics]
Type: Polyfunctional aziridine crosslinker      
Appearance:   colorless or pale yellow liquid
Solid content (%):   >99           CAS:    64265-57-2
Molecular weight:     467.60       Molecular formula:    C24H41N3O6
Viscosity (25℃) mPa·s:  180~200       Density (20℃):   1.08
Freezing point (℃):  about-15        Boiling point (℃) :    >200
 EINE CS:   264-763-3              PH value (25℃): 8~10.5    
Working life (H):   48                          Stability (25℃·month):   12
Solubility: soluble in water, alcohols, ketones and esters  Water resistance (25℃·%): >100
[Molecular Structure]
[Product Application]
l        Improve the water resistance, anti-rubbing, adhesion and chemical resistance of water-based wood lacquer coating.
l        Improve the fastness of resistance to dry and wet rubbing and chemical resistance of the leather coating.
l        Improve the resistance to enzyme stone wash and surface anti-adhesion of the textile printing paste.
l         Improve the cohesion of the water-based adhesive and solve the problem of adhesive residue of protective film on the substrate.
l        Improve the water resistance and resistance to dry and wet rubbing of the water-based ink and the printability of the coating.
l        Improve the water resistance of the water-based sealant and enhance the cohesion of the cement tape.
l        The mobility of the plasticizer can be reduced and the soil resistance can be improved when this product is added into the vinyl coating.
l        The water resistance, alcohol resistance and anti-adhesion can be improved when this product is added into the water-based industrial paint.
[Safety and Toxicity]
l            Only applicable for industrial production.
l            Industrial producers should wear special-purpose mask or operate at the upwind place.
l            Anyone who feels uncomfortable should drink some milk or baking soda water and who have serious symptoms should seek medical advice.
l            Avoid contacting with skin and eyes. Wash your skin with clean water immediately once this product contacts with your skin.
[Storage and Package]
□ 5kg plastic barrel and 25kg plastic-lined barrel
   □ This product should be kept under a dark, dry and ventilated environment and at room temperature.
□ Once the barrel containing this product is opened, please seal the barrel as soon as possible so as to avoid contacting with air which will cause gelling.
[Special Note]
Our company is only responsible for the samples as well as products due to different operations of the technicians, so the customer is advised to do a small test before mass production.
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