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Water-Based Adhesive Curing Agent

Water-Based Adhesive Curing Agent
XR-100 series
   产 品 说 明
Water-Based Adhesive Curing Agent (XR-104)
With people paying more and more attention to the environmental protection, the development of water-based adhesive has become the general trend, so our company has specially developed the water-based adhesive curing agent (XR-104) according to the customer's demand. The main mechanism of this product is: cross-linking reaction occurs between this product and the hydrophilic group in the water-based adhesive, with the original linear structure of this product changed to network three-dimensional structure through cross-linking, improving the cohesion, water resistance, temperature tolerance, adhesion, surface anti-adhesion and other performances of the adhesive.
[Typical Characteristics] 
  Appearance: colorless or pale yellow clear liquid  
  Solid content (%)     >99
  PH value (25℃):    8 ~ 10.5
  Water resistance (25℃·%):   >100
  Viscosity (25℃) mPa·s:  180~ 200
  Solubility: soluble in water, alcohols, ketones and esters
[Product Application]
◆The water resistance and bonding fastness of the shoe material adhesive can be improved when this product is added into the water-based shoe material adhesive.
◆The cohesion of glue can be improved and the adhesive residue problem can be solved when this product is added into the water-based protective film glue.
◆The cohesion, water resistance, chemical resistance, adhesion of the adhesive can be greatly improved and the peel strength of the adhesive can be reduced when this product is added into the solvent acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive.
◆The cohesion, water resistance, surface anti-adhesion, bonding power, etc. of the coating can be improved when this product is added to the water-based PA and PU coating adhesive and the coating adhesive containing carboxyl group.
◆The high-temperature resistant and water resistance of the coating can be improved when this product is added into the high-temperature resistant adhesive.
[Application Method]
1.                  This product belongs to post-addition type additive, so it can only be added when using.
2.                  The PH value of the adhesive shall be not less than 7, or the film formation effect will be affected due to too fast cross-linking.
3.                  Additive amount (adjust according to 1 ~ 3% of the solid content of the adhesive).
4.                  If the viscosity of the adhesive is too large, it is best to use 1:1 clean water to dilute it before use. After that, add this product while mixing in order to get the best results.
5.                  It is best to use up the adhesive which is added with additive in the same day, or there will be gelling phenomenon.
[Safety and Toxicology]
l            Only applicable for industrial production
l            Industrial producers should wear special-purpose mask or operate at the upwind place.
l            Anyone who feels uncomfortable should drink some milk or baking soda water and who have serious symptoms should seek medical advice.
l            Avoid contacting with skin and eyes. Wash skin with clean water immediately once this product contacts with skin.
[Storage and Package]
□ 5kg plastic barrel and 25kg plastic-lined barrel
   □ This product should be kept under a dark, dry and ventilated environment and at room temperature.
□ Once the barrel containing this product is opened, please seal the barrel as soon as possible so as to avoid contacting with air which will cause gelling.
 [ Special Note]
Our company is only responsible for the samples as well as products due to different operations of the technicians. The customer who has a high requirement on the initial tack shall pay special attention to that the viscosity of the glue will reduce after adding XR-104. The customer is advised to do a small test before mass production.
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